Comparative Screenwriting Teaching

Screenwriting Research Network – working group



A Screenwriting Research Network working group

Dear Reader,

This group focuses on teaching the art and craft of writing for the screen and explores how culture, tradition, and philosophical preferences shape education in screenwriting worldwide. As a working group, we want to declare both a practical aim and a conceptual curiosity on exploring, expanding, and evolving how we look at screenwriting teaching.

The comparative take is an invitation to a forum where no tradition is considered more valuable than others, and dominant practices are analysed and considered as the result of historical conditions, not the mark of intrinsic excellence.

Comparative analysis, debates, examples, projects, new methods, and studies are welcome in an attempt to look at screenwriting from micro and macro perspectives, from the corners and the centre, in that essential topics such as the teaching of structure, dialogue, and character are welcome alongside debates and examples of alternative dramaturgy, adaptation, and hybrid methodologies.

I invite you to join us, and to contribute to many conversations to come.

Romana Turina